There has been a rather major outbreak of pertussis in Blind river, Ontario in Canada. As of 5th May 2016, there has been more than 50 cases of pertussis reported, with more cases coming in.

The cause of this outbreak is thought to be as a result of declining number of people vaccinated for pertussis. It is said that for a vaccine to protect the public from a disease, 90% of the people needs to be vaccinated.

So far, the effect of this outbreak is not debilitating, but people are taking precautions and spending more time indoors. Schools are the biggest hit, with more students being absent as soon as the most minor symptoms of sickness shows up as a precaution from concern parents.

Algoma Public Health has teamed up with both the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Public Health Ontario. They are closely tracking down each case to prevent anymore infection.

So far though, the town has been handling the situation well, with the situation being closely monitored by the APH.

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